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Mary Bast

alice's wonderland

mingus   jarring jazz
magic tunnel   chute

o my desire is spreading
sweet notes
raucous   jiving down
ears tuning to the treat

if i could eat this sound
i would be drugged
into the fancyland
of new tunes
   never tasted
   tender meat
   purple peals
   all-night dreams

if i were feathered
i would sing
of you in birdland

©2005 by Mary Bast

Mary Bast is a member of the Gainesville Florida Poets & Writers, and a participant in the 2004 (poetry) and 2005 (short fiction) Wildacres Writers Workshop. She is the author of a book on personality types, and she is a psychologist who uses poetry and fiction in her work as a catalyst for change. See more of her work at her Web site.

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