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Papa Osmubal

Tai Chi Master

He makes motion
speak and take form.
He is an imitator of nature
or he is nature itself:
A while back he
was a rainbow.
Then a current of a river:
he knows the language of water.
Now he is a sudden leaf: falling --
thus making autumn visible.


I saw them all coming and leaving,
shouting in the winds,
singing beneath the stars,
watching the moon dance in the sea.
Grand republics in their hands,
decrees in their tongues,
great founders of civilizations;
prides to gods and to kings,
and men of intellect celebrate
and immortalize their feats;
but I, and only I can trace
the sacred truth buried amongst the waves.
I, the sole true witness,
I possess the only true eye:
I saw it all,
I saw tribes born, scattered, divided, and died.
I saw nobles reigned, fell and vanished,
I saw golds and silvers smuggled in the storms,
I saw all: love, sacred writs, crowns, arrows, guns, all.
I, the only true heart beating in the dark,
I weep for all men. I weep for all men. Bitterly.

©2005 by Papa Osmubal

Papa Osmubal's previous books are Parnaso, a poetry collection in Tagalog, and Lighthouse, a poetry collection in English. He has been anthologized in Synaptic Graffiti: Slam the Body Politik (Literature and Art on CD, Australia, Oct. 2004). His poems have found home in various places, both online and hardcopy. An amateur artist, in early 2004 he held a solo art exhibition of his pen-and-pencil collection, called "White and Black", at Unesco Center, Macao. For more information, see his Web site.

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