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Michael Estabrook

Dear God,
(May I call you God?)

If I could choose my last moment
it would be dusk,
on the screened-in porch
of the old house,
candle’s light reflecting
in a glass
of cream sherry, scent
of lilac blossoms, rain softly pattering,
Haydn’s Cello Concerto playing,
Patti on my knee, one final kiss,
the sweet taste of life moist upon her lips.

©2005 by Michael Estabrook

Michael Estabrook says: You're not going to believe this but, I'm in my mid-fifties and just got my first tattoo! My beautiful daughter Robin, who has a tattoo of a shiny blue dolphin on her upper thigh, encouraged me, "Come' on Dad you have to do it!" So now there are two romantic red roses (drawn by my wife, Patti) nestled in a bed of green leaves perched on my left shoulder. My other beautiful daughter, Laura, is simply relieved I didn't get a Mike-Loves-Patti tattoo.

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