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Steve Brightman

Ken Harrelson's Nehru Jacket

Ken Harrelson's Nehru jacket hung
defiantly in his locker while
the home plate umpires yelled
"Play Ball" that summer.

A faux pas larger than fashion --
larger than the game --
almost slid by unnoticed,
save the laughter of
a few Kansas City beat reporters.

Golf gloves?

Golf gloves?

I thought that hair cut of his
was bad, but now Harrelson's
wearing golf gloves?

If that don't take the cake.

Old Man Finley's gonna flip...

And he did.

Sent the Hawk packing,
anywhere -- just get him
the hell out of my clubhouse.

Games fell from the schedule
and golf gloves
became batting gloves.
Batting gloves
became ear flaps.
Ear flaps became kevlar.

Hughie Jennings,
career leader in being hit by pitch,
continues to laugh and
rub dirt on his bruises eternal.

©2005 by Steve Brightman

Steve Brightman is a baseball fan and a poetry fan. See more of his work at his Web site.

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