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Chris Kornacki

train roll

i hear trains rolling in
the distance; i hear trains
rolling in the distance...

when i hear trains rolling in the distance, pushing themselves across this country, inventing new sounds that break my 2 a.m. silent longing, cutting like razors through this dying city i listen, & let myself ride with them, if only for a few seconds before the whistling, screaming horns, & the vibrations under the earth evaporate into the invisible breeze of the evening.

trains are the gods of this city. the way a train draws your attention as it breaks through the horizon; the way it has the power to stop every motion at the intersecting railway crossings the bars dropping like exhausted pilgrims at the feet of angels, red lights flashing from side to side, & the black & white stripes criss/crossing/ each/other. yes, the ringing of the warning (or welcoming) bells sound a deeper meaning than church choirs.

I love everything that flows, everything that has time in it and becoming... wrote Henry Miller & i tend to agree: i love the flowing steel rivers of trains; i love to move & be pulled slowly or quickly into my humanity; i love everything that takes me away & drives me deeper into the Heart-Heart-Heart;

& i love going down west on University Street until i reach the old train track overpass, than turn my direction downhill & move onto the now hiking trail that stretches out for a few kilometers under this city.

& sometimes when i walk softly along the old tracks, i sit my body down on my knees, place my hands on the cold abandoned steel & wonder where it is that i, & we, are really going.

i hear trains rolling in the distance...

©2004 by Chris Kornacki

Chris Kornacki was born, raised, and still resides in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He works in a factory, goes to school trying to finish up a degree in Philosophy, and writes poems. He's had poems published in Open Wide, remark, Words Dance, Edifice Wrecked, Liquid Ohio, and lots of other places. A joint broadside with C. Allen Rearick is in the works from Hemispherical Press.

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