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Matthew Gleckman


Wind is here again tonight,
drunk and howling in the front row.

The trees do their best to act coy
pretending not to notice,
going about their nightly business
of stirring dances, averting eyes --
seven maples and a birch arching
on this rolling backyard stage
under a spotlight moon,
dancing the dance of trees in Autumn.
The birch tree is the boldest, sliding
off her white elbow-length gloves
and shaking another yellow
tassel into the crowd.

Wind is in the corner nodding
with approval, slouching in his chair
& sipping on a whisky and Coke.

©2004 by Matthew Gleckman

Matthew Gleckman is a writer living in Mashpee, Massachusetts. He has worked as a journalist for numerous newspapers and magazines throughout the western United States. His fiction and poetry have been published in magazines and anthologies including: Avocet, Grating the Senses, Slow Trains, The Morpo Review, Kota Press, Telluride Magazine (winner, summer 2000 poetry contest), Continuum, Windfall, and Shadows and Light. He is currently working on his first book of poetry.

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