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Sun & Surf, by Richard Nowicki

Harold Janzen

The Morning Sun Streams Into the Understory

the morning sun streams into the understory
and i'm      so into this flow
climbing toward the canopy

within the day's process you're ageless
your element dancing i'm blown like glass
you show me
                                    stoned by the heat of your fire
                               i wonder
if the tables were turned
if i was light
allowed to burn
and not be consumed
                               would you
under the intent guise of a longing shadow
think of me
like i do you

You Cross My Shadow

you cross my shadow
and the moment burns
a verb
speechlessly my eyes
become heard
you cross my shadow
and the world turns

you pull words
worlds of vowels
and fashion my tongue

you are the poem i will write

©2004 by Harold Janzen

Harold Janzen says: "Even when we as poets and readers impress our being upon a page such as this, it is to eventually reach beyond. We leap out from the edges bare-footed to fix the disaster -- as the essence cuts deep, searching new titles,discovering a new territory of words -- breaking the impossible dialogue of our present reality."

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