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Bob Bradshaw


shimmers in the fog,
and you think of the light from projectors
in old movie theaters.
exhausted, and ready to believe
all is as common and as
predictable as summer heat in the Delta,
there is fog.
Maybe that's why lovers
are compelled to seek the privacy
of fog.
Think of North Beach and its jazz,
with signatures as distinct
as a fog horn's, flaring
from basement night
Where you know no one maybe
but the lover
who leans against your shoulder.
Where at 3 a.m.
you walk up the steps
from a night club,
clutching each other,
the fog like a blind chaperone
as you and your lover
steer toward the harbor
of a darkened

©2004 by Bob Bradshaw

Bob Bradshaw is a programmer living in Redwood City, California. He is a huge fan of the Rolling Stones, and looks forward to another of their rumored final concert tours. Previous publications include work at Stirring, Blue Fifth Review, Liquid Muse, The Sidewalk's End, The Paumanok Review and Wolf Moon Press, among other publications.

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