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Oak Tree, Sunset City, California, 1932, by Ansel Adams

Christy Wegener


(In English and Espanol)

you, calm like the tree
weather the chaos
without complaint
even when the color
falls from your eyes
and their words uproot your soul
I wonder how you do this
still,  composed,  there


tu’, tranquilo como el arbol
capear el caos
sin queja
incluso cuando el color
caerse de tu ojos
y’ palabras desarraigar tu’ alma
me pregunto como tu hacer este’
quieto’,  sereno,  ahi’

With Time

with time

you’ll never leave your house
as familiarity finds fear
they shake hands
bleaching the colors
of minds monochrome
your TV, a dispenser
your soul, addicted to those pills
delusional, soon you’ll mistake
your cookie-cutter cage for a palace
sick and confined to a fragile diet
composed of a short spectrum of thought

with time

the bubble grows thicker
soon anyone different appears on the periphery
holding thick needles and evil grins
I see you there, floating
near your unreachable island
on your raft, a pull-string doll
limited, cordoned off
and today you told me
you’ve heard of terrible, terrible things
that “other” people do
in “those kind” of places
I think your mind was hemorrhaging when you spoke
as fact and fiction bled into a colorless stream
I am scraping moments out of this city
sending them to you
screaming color

©2004 by Christy Wegener

Christy Wegener’s poetry has appeared in the Potpourri Journal and Butter, a self-published zine. She was previously employed as a travel, arts and news reporter in New Mexico. She presently researches the issue of racial profiling for a non-profit organization in Los Angeles.

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