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Stephen Roxborough

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another roadside attraction

wandering aimlessly in the desert...forty days and 4,000 nevada nights of roadrunners and bathing suit sunners and dust devils & wide blue skies and power ties and car exhaust and caesar's tossed and neon neverending and petroglyphs and throw-away gifts and miles and miles and miles of aisles of slots promising the ultimate jackpot for the illusion of delusion

hell let's all move to the big big boom boomtown six-lane wasteland and pit boss jive and king arthur's dive & all-you-can-eat for three-ninety-five with asian flu and sri lankan blues and california refugees and gee i'll work for food but i'm really in the mood for ice cold booze and starry starry nights and nothing is wrong if it's not right, all just because of the illusion of delusion

civil civil civilization so advanced it's a crime but so what we're all blind to new age gun-play and anything if you can pay and moonscapes with napa valley grapes and earthquake tremors and entrance only to members and schindler's list and passion fish and busloads and busloads and busloads of bloody tourists parked from front to back all with the illusion of delusion

©2003 by Stephen Roxborough

Stephen Roxborough (aka "roxword") is an award-winning performance poet, illustrator, board member of the Washington Poets Association, and author of two chapbooks Making Love in the War Zone and All the Very Important Subversive Mind-expanding Long Ones). His spoken word CD, "spiritual demons" is available at and

Audio produced by Karl Sutton.

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