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Scott Poole

Why I'm Supposed to Let It Ring

The way the woman on the phone
slowly says Multiple Sclerosis Society
with a gorgeous southern whiskey
drawl of long porches drenched
in bougainvillea and lemonade,
slow blues and torpid birds
lazy in long notes, I feel I must have
some sort of sclerosis myself.
I'd give anything
to help a society with a voice like hers.
Honey, take everything I've got.
maybe it's the ninety degree heat,
maybe it's late and I'm long lost,
but you'll have to pardon me, this is love.

Morning Sketch

got the jazz on
cooking sausage for breakfast
throw one out the window
see bird bounce to pick
it up
fly into the branches to eat
I'm flying too
you got my fingers up there
laying notes on the trees

©2002 by Scott Poole

Scott Poole is the Assistant Director of EWU Press. His first book of poetry, The Cheap Seats (Lost Horse 1999) was a finalist for Foreword Magazine's book of the year awards. He reads his work every Monday morning at 7:50 a.m. on KPBX, Spokane Public Radio, which can also be heard live at KPBX Listen Online. His second book of poetry, Hiding From Salesmen, is just out from Lost Horse Press.

"Why I'm Supposed to Let It Ring" and "Morning Sketch" are excerpted from Hiding From Salesmen.

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