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jj goss

waiting for the change

at the light I wait to move
past red flannel men who stare down
at the hole the ground is frozen
I see your breath
like smoke Iím smoldering
in the ashtray lingering
between your fingers
hidden underneath your
ordinary thoughts
salvation army thoughts Iím hung
on the rack for those who
canít afford much Iím waiting
for the green arrow
light a candle and leave me offerings
set a place for me at your table
Iím not really dead
until you stop remembering Iím waiting
for the light to change

Window Disturbances

knee socks falling
Kansas grey dreams
and girls
worshipped icons
ponytail goddesses
click click click
theyíre coming I whisper three times
all white teeth and the right
shoes whisper
three Hail Marys fast

Boones Farm apple wine
in brown paper bags
inside a red mustang convertible
and no one to see me
pretend to like it I whisper
your body naked
itís quick window distractions
shaved legs
little yellow pills
and sober mornings
stay safe color inside the lines

breathy voices
coming quick
before the phone bill
and no one to see me nothing
to see here
sometimes I whisper
still a catch in my breath
and my dreams
Kansas skies

©2002 by jj goss

jj goss resides with her husband in central Massachusetts. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as Happy, The New England Writers Journal, The Beltane Papers, Net Authors E2K, Babel, Branches Quarterly, Amarillo Bay, Copious and Lightening Bell. Her short story, ďMissing a Beat,Ē was nominated for a 2001 Pushcart Prize.

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