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Blue Nude, Matisse

Tracy C. Alston

Everything Blue

I saw him
In a crowded room of restless souls
He was everything blue
From baby blue to navy blue
Blue passion
Blue calm
The deep blue ocean
The clear blue sky
Blue infinity
Just oozing with confidence and masculinity
I saw him first or did he see me
And if he did what did he see?
Was it my silhouette?
Or the way that I worked the room like a virtual cat?
Well I asked him and he told me
Said it was my eyes, my thighs, and my wise
That made him want to offer his best
To go east not west
To go right not left
To go up not down
Well, wait a minute
It's OK to go down
Like one goes down to the River Nile
To rest and feast awhile
Like when you dance and go down
All the way down 'til you touch the ground
That's the kind of down I'm talking about
Down and deep to really see
If these eyes meet
If this is akin to something true
Before I wrap myself up in all that blue

©2002 by Tracy C. Alston

Tracy C. Alston is a passionate writer and compassionate lawyer living in Washington, D.C. with her daughter. Her poetic works have appeared in various publications. Currently, she is seeking a publishing home for her first novel.

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