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train of lover's thought

by Stephen Roxborough

right there
at the head of the bed
in the middle of the dead
of the night a distant rumble
like a hint of a scent in the air
from an age without trouble
ever so faintly moving so gently
under a blanket and the cover of darkness
the quiet excitement of a steady vibration
from a scene in a dream of a far away station
comes winding round corners rolling past trees
stronger than steeples and higher than clouds
striking on eardrums a long low-pitched breeze
a blast of the horn that blows through the soul
and take me right there again, take me right there
where the warning whistle sings a sad siren song
a deep mournful tone of a wistful wanting horn
connecting the past to a future reborn
and louder the rumble stronger the horn
deeper and stronger and longer the horn
penetrating fading and sliding in time
to worn-out springs on a mattress in rhyme
squeaking and creaking to rhythm and blues
the heaving of flesh upon flesh upon bone
for a tickle that itches and urgently whispers
take me right there again, take me right there
as steel upon steel upon riveted rail
moves mountains of cargo
while bodies entwined move lifetimes of ego
fusing oceans of passion with karma and dharma
and the almighty notion of carnal locomotion
for tons and tons of wonderful tons
of rambling tumbling rumbling romance
to take me right there again, there again there
in a tireless tango of god's eternal dance
right there again there again there again there
beside a curled faded curtain on a cheap motel window
that shudders and shakes as hips stutter and quake
and explode with a power that comes every hour
right there again there again, oh, take me right there
where the sweet tender groove of a young open flower
finds the crossroads of lust on the railway to heaven
on track and on time and one with each other
on the bed of the thrust and the musk
and the steam from the dance of the steel
and the rail of the dream in the middle
of the dead of the life-giving night
right there.

©2002 by Stephen Roxborough

Until recently, Stephen Roxborough (aka "roxword") had been ironically hailed "the best unpublished writer in America." He's an award-winning performance poet, illustrator, and author of two chapbooks (Making Love in the War Zone and All the Very Important Subversive Mind-expanding Long Ones). His newly released spoken word CD, "spiritual demons" is available at and

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