Blue Heron Twilight by Paul Brent

Pop Poetry 101

by William Sovern

to live in this world

you must be able
to do three things
to love what is mortal
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it
and, when the times comes to let it go
to let it go
                        -- Mary Oliver

a different read
on the past    for Grace
2001 will always be
remembered as the
year her mother died
her mother thought i
was the horse trainer
from her youth on the
other hand I got to read
poetry in New York three
times the last dancing
with the Nuyoricans
hip hop slammers
three days before
forgets the year
started with a president
who did not win the popular
vote and no one much cared
there weren't any White Anglo
Saxon Protestants who were
denied the vote and all my old hippie
friends have become caricatures
of themselves driving SUV's
and smoking cigarettes and
trying to con Big Brother
for total absolution
although they never
learned to genuflect
and the citizens in their
citizenship have become
Rip Van Winkles strutting Gucci
hand bags and singing karaoke
at the corner bar

did i tell you
i performed in
New York three
times last year in
February     someone
stole the license plate
off our rented car parked
in front of Grant's Tomb the
NYPD did not know how
to fill out the stolen license
report because usually
they steal the whole

i gave up art
for lent
then I gave up Christianity
for art
then 19 Muslims
redefined the definition
of performance art

everyone reacts
to death differently
for the Vietnam veteran
it was silence
for Grace it was
sending fragments
of her mother's diary
through the Internet

did I tell you
i performed in New
York three times
last year

a New York
poet I met said
that home is in
your head
when I
they will
spread my
ashes under
the harvest moon
where the great
blue heron

©2002 by William Sovern

William Sovern has promoted over 200 poetry readings in the last fifteen years in the Evansville, Indiana area. He is currently the host of the Tuesday Night Reading Series at the Jungle Restaurant & Fat Cats Bar in Evansville, which includes local, regional & national poets. He is the founder of the poetry performance group, Shakespeare's Monkey. which has performed in New York this year at CBGB's, The Poetry Project at St. Mark's, and at the Nuyorican Poetry café.

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