helpless before her

by John Eivaz

my best friend loves her vagina-like life.
crashing cars crystallize. i am
caught in a long stocking. try to tell her
i'm serious, it's then that she
draws my blood upon the moon.
look for me in the maguey tree
she boasts, i've slept years
on the terraces of dawn, that silence
you stole and wrapped in peacock plumes
is B O R I N G.

Wings! Lap up the silk ladder!
your nose bridge walks like a wolf,
it knows it's me and it doesn't care.
you care though. Amanita! Amanita!
shriek me through one moist damp dark day.
my bloated sparrow hawk, diet with me.
the city is steel, our mad inertia
will bend it into a wishing well.
reading the newspaper aloud
we board the rabbit, thousands
of us draped with obituaries, sexy
death notices, but it is a grand hare,

we all fit, get snug, fall asleep
and miss the train. smack
the sleeping conductor with
your crucible of rubies, and i will
breathe love into your vagina-like life,
wet friend whistle,
prairie park rendevous,
denver am let amulet om let om.
the sun is it and it's hiding
in my blank banana.

©2002 by John Eivaz

John Eivaz (john e) was born in New York and lives in California. His writing has been featured in a few small press publications and on-line at Slow Trains (including Soup Sonnets, an electronic chapbook written with PJ Nights), Clean Sheets, Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse, Tryst, Mi Poesias, Branches and other Web sites, including Erotica Readers and Writers Association, where he is poetry and flash fiction editor. His poetry has been recognized by the IBPC competition and the Preditors and Editors Poll. Read more at the Web site he shares with PJ Nights.

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