All Things Considered

by J.D. Heskin

My life is not perfect. For instance,
the chair I am sitting on leans to the left
and the burger I just ate was too spicy.
It is clouding up outside. Rain will soon appear.
I haven't heard the birds sing since November.

A payday brings little to brighten my life
and the last person who greeted me
with warm feelings has left my memory.
I have no friends, but my dog loves me,
though she can be demanding at times.

Still, it is not a bad life. And I celebrate
each day in a study of contemplations.
I marvel in the quiet times of coffee,
at my experience of good luck and health.
And that I have outlived all my expectations.

©2002 by J.D. Heskin

J.D. Heskin resides in a northern Minnesota city. His work can be found in such diverse places as Red Lamp, Southern Ocean Review, Snakeskin, ArtWord Quarterly, Poetry Magazine, Prairie Poetry and American Outback Journal.

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