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Lee Marc Stein

Man and Beast

The promise of iPhone Six–
it picks your nose
on voice command
and answers all questions
on whereabouts of God.

In Asia, users call their tablet
iPad Thai as it delivers
the Ten Commandments of
steaming curry and
currying satori.

The Nicks–
Adams, Caraway, Carter, Hornby–
are Nooked.
We’re all hooked
(perhaps not on books).

Screaming video Blue Ray
Charles & Liotta,
Robinson and Leonard,
Aldo Ray and Johnny too,
hooray Hulu.

Blue Tooth knocked loose,
resentments Kindle,
X-Boxes exit,
Apple pits swallowed,
we wallow in techno-choler.


Fresh from our Sagrada Familia visitation,
I spotted Jesus sitting on the Barcelona metro,
requisite long hair, beard, left lobe earringed,
nails lacquered as if Dali painted him,
laceration not in his side but his jeans.
Jubilant eyes and smile bring peace
to screaming tots in strollers,
lonely older women, students torn by the world.
Avatar of the never-to-be finished church,
so many saves await him in this one car.
Is it really him in the flesh or did Gaudi’s
mystic engineering transplant and transmogrify
the Christ hanging in a halo over the altar?

©2013 by Lee Marc Stein

Lee Marc Stein is a retired marketing consultant living in East Setauket, Long Island. He has had short stories published in Bartleby Snopes, Write Place at the Write Time, Cynic Online, and Down in the Dirt. His poems have been published in River Poets Journal, Still Crazy, Miller’s Pond Poetry, Slow Trains Journal, The Write Room, Blue Lake Review, Blue & Yellow Dog, Blast Furnace, and Message in a Bottle. Lee is finishing a chapbook of ekphrastic poems. He leads workshops at Stony Brook University’s Lifelong Learning program on modern masters of the novel.

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