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Stephanie Kaplan Cohen


I must murder, erase,
the solitaire game
from my computer. It amuses,
tantalizes, demands, commands
constant attention,
tells me to forget the desk,
the bills, the rewrites,
expects my attendance
every waking hour.
Iíll grieve, but soldier on,
and in my grief, get back to life.


By the time I remember
itís no longer summer,
and put away whites,
take out blacks,
itís spring,
and time for pinks.

©2011 by Stephanie Kaplan Cohen

Stephanie Kaplan Cohen's books include In My Mother's House, published by Woodley Books, and a book of poetry, Additions and Subtractions, published by Plain View Press. Her poetry and short stories have been published by literary journals, university presses, and newspapers, including several times by The New York Times. She has done numerous readings, and her work has been read on NPR. She lives in Westchester County, New York, with her three children, three in-law children, and eight grandchildren, all of whom are exceptional in all ways.

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