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Bill Roberts

Spring Draining

I will arise tomorrow morning,
jump enthusiastically into my
well-stocked, ancient Honda,
and take off for Mesa, Arizona,
spring training home of the hated
Chicago Cubs baseball pretenders.
Well, don't exactly hate them,
since I've been down each spring
for the past twenty-odd years
to witness the solidification of
another team that'll miss the Series.
My kid sis lives in Mesa, so I have
a freebie place to stay the few weeks
I escape the icebox of Colorado,
our hometown Rockies getting
poised for a real run at the Pennant.
I'll go out daily to watch the Cubbies,
wear my yellowing Rockies' uniform,
number 33 on the back, Larry
Walker's old number, chat with a
rookie or two who'll inquire,
Who's Larry Walker? What
position did he play?
ignoring my
dilapidated first baseman's glove,
circa Babe Ruth. They never
heard of the Bambino either, reason
enough they won't make the playoffs
yet again, totally ignorant of the fact
that if you don't study history, you're
bound to repeat it, over and over and
over again, the Chicago Also-Rans.

©2011 by Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts is a retired nuclear scientist who writes from Broomfield, Colorado. Of his thousand and more poems published in small-press and online magazines, several have been nominated for Best of the Net and a Pushcart Prize. He offers a seminar on how to write a poem a day in 15 minutes, and recently has held readings to celebrate women poets ("Strong Voices, Strong Women"). For more information see his website.

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