better angel

Better Angels

by Susannah Indigo

"...when we are again touched, as surely we will be, by the better angels of our nature."

            --quoted during a New York City memorial service, originally from Abraham Lincoln's 1861 inaugural address

Better angels have magical names like Maya or Arianna or Esmeralda, and they live in crystal houses, dancing silently below, arms outstretched to catch falling snow. Better angels sing gospel songs with a joy we can rarely hear; they laugh for no reason at all; they cry at the cruelty of the human world; but they never watch CNN. Better angels wait, and wait, for a chance to rise up and save a child, a friend, a heart from breaking, a country from chaos, and then wonder why their call to serve is so rare. Better angels are the sleepers of our souls.

better angels

©2001 by Susannah Indigo

Susannah Indigo is the editor of Slow Trains.

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