Long Distance Love Poem

by Lawrence Schimel

He cannot see me, but the boy knows
I am writing about him.
If he is asleep, he rolls over without waking,
as if to fold himself into the curve of my body
until we are like two stacked bowls
filled with each other.
As far as the poem is concerned
this is our sole sustenance,
and if we remember brunching
it was only for the pleasure
of feeding one another.

It is six hours later where he is.
When I miss him, I try to imagine how his life
might be, off-kilter from my own.
If it were the morning, he would be at work--
but I write no poems in the morning.
He is probably asleep now and he is
probably alone.

When the poem ends
he will clutch at the blankets,
pull them around himself
because he feels cold.

I will not stop writing.

©1999 by Lawrence Schimel

Lawrence Schimel, born 16 Oct 1971 in New York City, is a full-time author and anthologist who currently lives in Madrid, Spain. He has published over 40 books, including His Tongue, The Drag Queen of Elfland, Kosher Meat, Things Invisible to See, PoMoSexuals, Two Hearts Desire, and numerous others, in a wide variety of genres.

Long Distance Love was first published, in Catalan translation, in ELLS S'ESTIMEN. POEMES D'AMOR ENTRE HOMES (Llibres de l'Index).

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