by John Eivaz

(Jackson Pollock's Lucifer
hung in a girl's bedroom
until she left for college
and then was placed
in a common area of the house)

was that cigarette paper
held in the painting
a hiccup, or a creation, or
just a something simply
wondered about by strangers
later on

child explications
chain this dancing chaos
events pleasures people theories and fears
of naive life and mentation rob
beauty from fury

cigarette paper in a girl's bedroom,
dribbled, splashed faces
gab-twisted away
details in the devil
chaos in each framed

landscape with broken glass

A pickup truck
packed with crutches.

Bald tires left by the side of the road,
seen through fumes.

A short man and narrow streets meet,
klaxon in the fog.

Disappearing woman
snaps shut her clutch.

I stride barefoot over shards, they
paint me, here, without you.

Five Short Poems


makes you do strange things to your hair

Throughout The Ages

made them do strange things
to their hair

The Retro Look

again despair
making them do strange things to their hair

In Love

their despair
made them do strange things to each others' hair


is no excuse for strange-looking

©2001 by John Eivaz

John Eivaz was born in New York and now lives in California. His writing has been featured in a few small press publications, and also online at various Web sites. He was a staff member of Haiku Headlines (aka The Full Deck) for over a year, contributing news haikus, limericks and funny topical songs. He is the poetry and flash editor of the Erotica Readers Association, and his poetry appeared in Slow Trains Issue 1. Writing as "john e," his poetry and prose has appeared online at Clean Sheets, Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse, Erotica Readers Association and other Web sites. Read more of his work at the Web site he shares with PJ Nights. He works at a winery.

Read rossellini shooting while the seamstress ceases copying life, Grand Central Station, NYC, 1958 by P.J. Nights & John Eivaz, also in this issue.

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