The Ju-Ju Man

by Pasquale Capocasa

Who's the Ju-Ju Man?
Two drinks into the new bottle
I glanced up and into the bar
mirror to see a man standing
behind me, leaning heavily
on a slender, wooden pole.
Odd, I thought.

I poured another drink,
glad to see I had stopped shaking,
and raised it to my lips.
With unbelievable agility,
the man in the mirror hit me
twice across the back
with the flat side of a canoe paddle.
Whap! Whap! Just like that!

Who the hell was that? I asked,
as I pulled myself
painfully up the stool.
Wha-? Who? replied the bartender,
looking at me in bemused wonder.
The man in the mirror, I said.

The bartender shrugged.

Must have been the ju-ju man,
he said, and shook his head
with some compassion;
but he took away the Jack
Daniels and added up my check.

I'm Not To Blame

believe me --
my aggressive,
hostile behavior
is directly linked
to the excessive
consumption of junk food,

and to the watching
of tv violence for
lengths of time.

Yes, I know --
you say
it could be my fault,
but ask
my social worker.
She'll tell you.
This simply isn't
the real me.

My environment is
convoluted; its own
byzantine behavior molding
Machiavellian doubles.

So you see,
I am not to blame.

©2001 by Pasquale Capocasa

Pasquale Capocasa is the editor of Poems Niederngasse.

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