Selected Poems

by Harold Janzen

Grapevine Dream Supply

i was feeling for fruit
in a tangle of grapevines
to see if i could taste the truth
a match     dancing as
i'm searching for the light
fell into the next second
stumbling with the wind
               into nowhere
                    out of sight
i knew at that instance
that the moment was ripe

in the morning we ate grapes
i told you the dream
you poured the coffee
i passed the cream

you said it was a great
grapevine dream
and that indeed
it was time to make wine

the next night
we made wine in my sleep
i recognized you by
                        your bare feet
and you by my expertise

coffee and cream
i told you the dream

you said it was
a great wine dream
and asked if i'd made
provisions for the winter
or would that make it too hard
to sleep

the next night
it felt so real
i couldn't begin to count the vats
                              for swimming

i told her the dream
please pass the cream

she seemed happy
with the dream supply
and that satisfied me

spreading cream cheese
and jam
on a bagel
sunlight and saying with her face

please pass the grapes

Last Night You Said Tomorrow

last night you said tomorrow
in the forest of time
dali will weep

salvador dali
will let go of the sky
like a grand piano

and determine
the art works of collision

last night you said tomorrow
you'd show me all the clock's
                                 the entire rooster's red

show me salvador standing in the rain

last night you said tomorrow

©2001 by Harold Janzen

Harold Janzen says that composition using word-medium, rhythm, and rhyme has been his exercise for equilibrium and his vehicle to reach the underlying properties of reality. So he writes.

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