Destiny Train/New Millenium 2000

by Robert R. Cobb

©2001 by Robert R. Cobb

Robert R. Cobb retired as a high school art teacher two years ago, culminating thirty-five years of teaching experience with Maine Township High School District #207 in Park Ridge and Des Plaines, Illinois. He lives with his wife of forty years, Lorna, in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. They have three grown sons and five grandchildren. Robert is a professional artist as well as a sometime poet. His works of art, largely drawings, paintings, and prints may be found in over 150 collections. His poetry may be found in recent issues of Snakeskin Webzine, Basket Case Magazine, The Southern Ocean Review, The Free Cuisenart, The Nexus, The Paradigm Press Zine, and BeFreeZine. Robert's poem "Sestina Senses and Nonsense" won second place in The Black Swan Review's national poetry contest. Robert was also the featured poet of the month in The Nepenthe Journal in June 1999.

See Robert R. Cobb's poetry in this issue.

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